Corporate Reorganization

Just like your business, the structure best suited to your company's needs evolves. At NKPG, we specialize in developing plans for corporate reorganization and strategies for implementation. From start-up to the sale of business, we are knowledgeable in every step of process.

There are many benefits to having experts assist in the structuring or restructuring of your business, some of these include:

    • Optimizing tax advantages;
    • Seamless and successful transfer or merger of business ownership;
    • Accomplishing the business or family objectives;
    • Increasing business profitability.

Below are the phases that we can assist with and some of the services that we provide:

Start-up or Acquisition

If you are starting up a new business, we can assist in determining the most appropriate and cost-effective structure (corporation, partnership, joint venture or other) for your company. When evaluating a proposed business acquisition, careful due diligence is critical. You may have a choice between purchasing the assets of a business or the shares of a corporation. NKPG can help in evaluating the pros and cons of each and assist in the negotiation, as part of the due diligence process. We can also advise on purchase price allocation, tax efficiency of financing structure and preparing your business plan and financing proposal for your financial institution or lender.

Restructuring your business

Today's businesses often consolidate or integrate in order to obtain the synergy and critical mass necessary to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Whether you are the acquirer or the target of an acquirer, NKPG can provide tax and business advice to you on:

    • Mergers or acquisitions and related due diligence;
    • Winding up or amalgamating a company or companies;
    • Selling your business or a division thereof;
    • Splitting up your business into separate corporations;
    • Spinning off a division of your business to a new corporation.

Business Transition

Are you thinking of retirement or getting ready to sell your business? You may be looking at transferring control of your business operations to your children or to a group of key employees. Perhaps you are just going to sell. For many, these are once-in-a-lifetime decisions with significant financial impact for you and your family. Although it is essential that the income tax implications be carefully considered and understood, we recognize that there are many other non-tax, "soft" issues that can be just as important. At NKPG, we can help plan and implement an effective transition for continuing business success and prosperity.

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